About Us

What is parkour? 

Parkour is a movement-based discipline used to run, jump, and climb obstacles. While it is usually in an urban setting, parkour can be done anywhere on anything. The term parkour was coined in the 80's and stems from the French word parcours du combattantmeaning obstacle course in English. Some time later in the later 90's, parkour came over to the United States. Because the word parkour was so foreign to those not familiar with the French language, the term freerunning was quickly adopted giving meaning to the name of the discipline. Freerunning would later go on to be differentiated from parkour as a tricks-and-flip discipline, involving more stylish flares opposed to focusing on overcoming obstacles.

Our mission

We want to bring all the benefits of parkour and freerunning to everyone. Along with the obvious physical challenges presented with any movement-based discipline, overcoming obstacles in parkour starts with breaking through mental barriers and preconceptions about what a body can or can't do. The process of overcoming mental obstacles is synonymous to physical ones. Parkour teaches us to overcome no matter what the obstacle.

Who we are


Scottsdale Parkour and Freerunning is Arizona's first parkour and free running specific gym. Bringing together some of the best certified instructors with over a decade of experience, and facilities designed and built by parkour athletes, it is the best place in the valley to learn the skills and techniques necessary to engage in parkour safely and effectively. We are a branch of  Scottsdale Gymnastics and Trampoline and strive to bring the organization level of the gymnastics world to parkour and freerunning.

The Parkour Gym


Designed, built, and run by a team of dedicated traceurs, SPF has been constructed from the ground up to be the ideal spot to attain your goals. Our parkour gym has a wide range of apparatuses for any skill level. Almost everything in our gym has been built to be mobile and evolve with our students. Along with being fully customizable and ready for anything, Scottsdale Parkour Freerunning is filled to the brim with the beautiful urban art stylings of a graffiti master.

Scottsdale Parkour and Freerunning is located within Scottsdale Gymnastics and Trampoline, where students will have the opportunity to practice in the gymnastics area.  They will have access to a large spring floor, trampolines, balance beams, and even a foam pit to practice those skills that are just a little out of your comfort zone.


  1. Hi there,

    I am REALLY interested in using the foam pit, gymnastics area as I was a gymnast for 10 years. I’m super rusty but really missing the sport. I wanted to know if there is anything “special” I have to do to use the gymnastics area outside of the parkour facilities?

    Thank you!
    Bri Sullivan

    • Hello Briana,
      There is nothing special you would have to do to use the foam pit. On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:00pm we have our adult open gym and at that time the gymnastics facility along with our parkour and ninja warrior facilities are open for use.

      Assistant director
      Kristoffer Smith

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