Bob Reese Coming to Scottsdale Parkour for special workshop clinic

One of Americas Top Parkour and Freerunning Athletes

We have a special guest coming to the gym August 6th for an acrobatic tricking clinic.

Order tickets early here. All online ticket sales stop 24 hours before the event. We will accept “day of” payments too.

Bob Reese (the cookie monster himself) will be putting on a clinic for 2 hours and will stay for an additional hour for an Open Gym.

-Bob Reese
-Competed in Art of Motion 2 times
-Teaching parkour, Freerunning, tricking, trampoline, and gymnastics for over 5 years
-Performed and competed worldwide
-Designed and helped build a parkour gym in Atlanta, Georgia
-Over 40,000 followers on Instagram.
-Helped make films that reached several million views on Facebook and YouTube.
-Certified by Apex Movement in teaching parkour
-Certified to teach gymnastics
-Got first place in the OTE competition in Atlanta.

He will be going over tricks he specifically has worked on teaching others and will give you step by step progressions for all types of levels and training environments.

He will also be putting on a Trampoline Clinic that will teach you how to use a trampoline to develop skills safely. Bob highly advocates the use of the Trampoline and considers it a major part of his own personal development.


Basic Vaults: Kong, Dash, Safety, Speed, Thief/Lazy, Reverse
Basic Jumps: Precision, Stride, Plyo, Ghost Step
Basic Landings: Shoulder Roll
Basic Wall: Wall Run/Pop, Tic Tac, Cat Leap
Basic Bars: Lache, Under Bar
Basic Trampoline: Crash Dive, Back Drop
Basic Tumbling: Cartwheel, Handstand, Gymnastics Forward/Backward roll

Flips are not necessary but helpful

Cost: of Admission $45 per person
Time: 11-1pm seminar 1-2 pm open gym
Where: Scottsdale Parkour and Freerunning
When: August 6th (Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! )

About Coach Kris 49 Articles
Working at Arizona's first parkour specific gym teaching the next generation of traceurs to keep pushing the limits. I have a background in not only parkour and freerunning, but also engineering, video production, and automotive.

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  1. We are new to Scottsdale. Our son is 15 and an experienced Parkour athlete. He trained at Steel City with Steve and Christian 4 days a week. He has been to Woodward PA for the past 2 summers. Please contact me to let me know what you can offer Max in training. Thank you.

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