Level 2 parkour curriculum overview

After mastering the most basic level of parkour in "level 1 white band" students of "level 2 green band" will learn skills that require enough upper body strength to do a proper pull up. Along with expanding upon the skills in level 1, level 2 also introduces students to higher obstacles. Because of the introduction of hight, level 2 students learn additional safety skills to climb up and come down with full control and confidence.  

Climb up/down

In higher levels of parkour, a traceur will often need to gain elevation to overcome an obstacle. Using proper climb up technique will allow the traceur to maintain speed and stamina while executing a proper climb up. Along with being able to get on top of an obstacle, it is vital that a traceur also knows how to safely come down from said obstacle. 



Vaulting lvl 2

level two vaulting gets the legs off the vaulting surface. This means, close to the full weight of the body will be supported by the arms. we also learn the Gymnastics Cart wheel, a skill that develops leg coordination, to better understand more advanced vaulting technique. 



Rail Balance skills

Some of the skills we work on in class are meant to develop the finite muscles used for stability and balance. The ability to walk across rails in a controlled manor is not an easy feat to accomplish. There is very little room for error when walking on such a thin object and this is what makes it great for developing precise movement patterns.


cat leapCat Leap/High Cat Hang

When jumping to the top of an object is not possible, due to hight or distance, it is sometimes possible to jump to the wall of said object while holding the top edge to secure the traceur to the surface.



kids standingStrength Development 

Along with learning dynamic skills and movements it’s important for a traceur to be physically fit. To aid in this process students will work on body control along with strength development after the skills portion of each class. Level 2 Green bands will often have stations set up with skills like climb ups, box jumps, or grip strength challenges to develop upper body strength. 

Advanced Shoulder Roll

kids rolling contact sheetOne of the most effective ways to disperse impact from a drop or fall is the shoulder roll. Impact is a measure of the difference between starting momentum and annexing momentum over a given time. Rolling increases the time we take to go from moving very quickly to a stationary position and this gives us a lower impact on the body. The formula would look something like this Impact=(change in momentum) / time 

Green bands will learn how to use the shoulder roll when dropping from a height and/or moving forward with speed. Level 2 Green Bands will also learn the basic form of the "Dive roll" to begin developing films and air awareness.


swinging kidThis is a fancy french word that we use to describe when a traceur swings from an obstacle and throw the obstacle back while releasing. This skill requires a significant amount of upper body strength so Level 2 green bands will work on this skill in progressions along with doing conditioning drills to develop the shouldering muscles that are crucial for this skill.