Console Wars at Phoenix Fan Fest

Scottsdale Parkour is bringing the gaming world to life with The Console Wars! Scottsdale Parkour is bringing some of the top parkour and freerunning athletes in Arizona to perform live at Phoenix Fan Fest. With everyone done up in their favorite video game cosplay, it's sure to be a good time as we brawl it out Smash Bro's style. We want to share the fun of parkour with everyone, as we believe it teaches us that being active can be fun.  We will also be putting on an interactive parkour obstacle course and game for the audience to get in the action.

Find us at the Phoenix Convention Center October 23rd From 9:00am to 5:30pm 

A full Fan Fest Programing guid can be found here

and more more info on scottsdale parkour of any of our classes and event check out our about us page 

but until then enjoy these videos from past Phoenix Con events with Scottsdale Parkour Freerunning 


Comicon 2016

Comicon 2015

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Working at Arizona's first parkour specific gym teaching the next generation of traceurs to keep pushing the limits. I have a background in not only parkour and freerunning, but also engineering, video production, and automotive.

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