Jujimufu Coming to Scottsdale Parkour

Short Version “It’s Jujimufu, enough said”

Jon Call (Jujimufu) is coming to scottsdale parkour this november to teach a strength, flexibility, and tricking workshop that is sure to leave you wanting more. This intensive  6 hour workshop will cover many subjects such as recovery, Injury Prevention, Strength, Flexibility, Tricking for parkour and acrobatic athletes. If you are neither of those, you should still come, but just realise it is geared more toward that type of athlete.

this event is for agse 16+ and attendants must be comfortable in an adult language atmosphere

Who is Jujimufu?

“I’m 30 years old, living in the United States in the state of Alabama and have been training and dieting since 1999. In 2000 I started teaching myself something called tricking (tricking is an aesthetic blend of flips, twists and kicks). In 2002 I launched the website trickstutorials.com where I grew the largest community of online tricksters outside of social media. As I grew into an adult I began to combine my tricking talents with recreational bodybuilding and strength pursuits: the result is Acrobolix.  The name Acrobolix is a play on the words Acrobatic and Anabolic. For anyone interested in massive tricking or functional bodybuilding, I’m here to teach you the ways of Acrobolix!”

You can find more about Jujimufu on his site www.acrobolix.com

…Oh and of course we will shoot a lot of spoof video footage so be ready to have some fun and be outgoing



The more participants who come the cheaper it is. We want to get everyone an estimate of cost per person based on who is going so if you are going then make sure you let us know by clicking the the going button on the Facebook event page. We would like to have all money collected two weeks prior to the event so that is by October 30th. We will still have people coming late and we will figure out the difference and refund people based on the new estimate.

Cost Breakdown

15 people minimum to make this event happen $100/person

30 people $65/person

50 or more people $50/person


How to pay

Message Francesco Caban at movementconnections@gmail.com and set up a time to make payment. We will make note of what you paid, and you will be reimbursed the difference of what you paid versus the new payment on the day of the event if we get enough people to do so. Your money will not be used for any reason up until after the event.

Tentative Schedule

1:00 pm – 1:30 pm meet and greet
1:30 pm – 2:00 pm warm up
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm acrobolix style periodization explanations and strength development techniques.
Rings, weights for upper, weights for lower and how to train for your sport.
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm flexibility training and rundown
5 pm – 7 pm long winded Q & A spoof video, chatting, go out to eat etc.

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