They’re fast, strong, and only a couple feet tall. They are The Lil’ Ninjas

SPF Parkour Academy has ninja training for ages 4-6

Little guys can learn how to be like their american ninja warrior heroes at SPF Parkour Academy.  Kids learn to jump, crawl, climb, and balance, improving general coordination and strength while in a safe environment suited for the age group.  Our Certified parkour instructors teach all ninja skills using progressions.  Not only does this teach kids the safe way to train, but also gives them a full understanding of how a skill works.

Training the mini minds of kids

While these classes are adorable, they also help kids acquire important developmental skills at a young age.  These Lil' Ninjas are learning skills that have been shown to increase parts of the brain that humans use to solve difficult math problems.  Kids will learn air awareness, spacial awareness, and self body awareness in our Lil' Ninjas program here at SPF Parkour Academy.  Our little ninjas are learning all these skills and more as they eventually progress to the next level, our kids level one, in the higher level gym.

Being smart about movement

Safety is a top priority for our Coaches. Because of this, we require all our coaches to become certified through the WFPF certification program.  We also have our own coaches development program for our employed coaches to further their knowledge of parkour, ninja training, and movement arts.  In addition to our certifications and training, we require First Aid \ CPR certification, and background checks for all of our team.
Students at SPF Parkour Academy are taught one step at a time.  For learning more advanced ninja skills, we break the skill up into multiple components before being guided through the full extent of the skill in an inviting environment.
You can find more about classes here on the classes page or you can see the full class schedule here 

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Working at Arizona's first parkour specific gym teaching the next generation of traceurs to keep pushing the limits. I have a background in not only parkour and freerunning, but also engineering, video production, and automotive.

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