Parkour Clothing Trends for 2016

As any aspiring traceur can see from watching all the pro level athletes on youtube, there is a wide range of attire worn by everyone in the parkour and freerunning community. Where most sports will have attire that is specifically created and design for an activity, Traceurs  tend to choose clothing based on personal style and preference. While it's hard to say with certainty what will feel and look the best to train with, there are some general guid lines when looking for the perfect outfit for a traceur. 

Starting out as a beginner in parkour we would recommend anything you are comfortable with such as shorts, sweats, or Harem type pants. Something that is easy to move in and feels good to wear. Jeans make certain movements difficult so are not usually recommended to beginners, however when training on rough surfaces, jeans can provide a little extra protection against skin abrasions. It's never a bad idea to try a mobility tests while wearing the pants. You should be able to lift one leg to your full extent without feeling fabric becoming tight and holding you back. 

Parkour relies on mobility just as much as strength to accomplish most skills. You can read more about the basic parkour movement on our level 1 parkour curriculum page 

Some traceurs like to represent their favorite team, athlete, or gym, so there are a few name brand parkour clothing options if you want to go for the pro looking parkour attire, but it's not a necessity to train with. Some of our favorite brands worn at Scottsdale Parkour are APK (american Parkour, KNOW Obstacle, Farang, Storror, and of course are own apparel line available to order at our gym (SPF). 

Seth Jung with parkour Fashion/Attire

What to do now?

Get in and get training with us with classes and open gyms for kids and adults. With the best certifed parkour and freerunning instructors in the vally, we are the best place to learn new skills and become more confident in movement. 

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