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Why Play Parkour Games?

Playing is an important part of the learning process for any discipline. It lets us experience a scenario in a safe and controlled environment, while also providing positive reinforcements to encourage players to do well. We play parkour games and freerunning games because they stimulate creativity, and give us an encouragement to go all out. We would like to share some of our favorite  parkour games to play here at Scottsdale Parkour Freerunning with the community. We would also love to see what the community has for game ideas, so please leave your parkour games in the comments section below 😀  IF you would like to watch a cool TedX video on Using Parkour to rethink how we move in our everyday environment here is a great youtube video for you

Whats Parkour and freerunning

Parkour is getting from on A to B to as fast, efficient, and safely as possible. Freerunning is where an individual's style influences the movements through an area. Freerunning can be though of as parkour with additional movements that are cool or fun to do. we try to play games that make us do these things without even thinking about it. 

Students Going for speed

HardCore Parkour

This game is more fun to play with groups of 2-8 people and pushes you efficiency thresholds. The Rules of this game are very simple. There are 2-4 designated tag points in an area. A player must tag each of these spots in succession while trying to do as few movements as possible. What is considered a movement is any kind of step or any alteration of direction. For example if a player took a step on a wall to change direction that would be considered a movement. 

Add – on

This is a parkour game type that can be played either competitively or cooperatively with 2-8 players. Start off by selecting a starting point. Next each player takes a turn adding a move to a group combo line. After each player had added a move then it's time to take times for completion for each player. 
   With multiple groups this game can be played with a large number of people, having each group create a freestyle run. The highest scoring group is the winner based on three criteria (Difficulty, flow, and execution) 

Copy Cat

(Game Idea from Erica Madrid)

Nobody likes a copy cat 😉 Players are given a starting point along with an end point. Using only the objects in the area provided players must move through the corse choosing different routs each turn. This one gets really hard really fast! This game will push players to the edge with creative ways to move through an area. 

Zombie Tag

there are a couple variants of this  parkour game but they are all essentially the same. All players start off as "Humans" using parkour skills to move through an environment. One player is selected to be a zombie and as a zombie a player can only run around on ground level and is not allowed to vault or climb. Be careful when playing this game in higher environment as this game can get fairly intense at times. 

Capture the Flag

two or more teams, divide the playing area evenly between the teams. Each get a flag (you can also use a ball, t shirt, whatever) which they hide at the far end of their territory. The objective is to retrieve the other team's flag and bring it to your flag without getting tagged. 

You can tag people if they're in your territory, and they go to jail which is another area somewhere in your territory. If you get to the enemy's jail you can free your teammates.

Best played in an area where actual parkour is required so it's not just running around. 


2 person minimum. try to knock each other off the rail. You can try to use brute force to push someone off, get a bit technical and shake the rail until everyone falls off, or just get creative with being the last man standing

Alternatively this game can be played co-op by changing the objective from knocking your opponent off to helping them get to the other side. This can be extremely difficult to do but it can be done. 


Players take turns attempting different jumping missions. For every mission that is not completed correctly a player will add one letter of a predetermined word to their score. A player is out when all the letters of the word are obtained. The last player to not have all the letters wins. This game is more fun for beginners when the mission are small and technical opposed to huge gaps that can only be made by high level athletes. 

The Floor Is Lava/lava Monster

This one is pretty self explanatory. Very fun game to play on playgrounds/jungle Gyms. For more advanced athletes, add the extra challenge of keeping off colors or the platforms of the playground. 

Follow The Leader/Snake 

Player follow their leader though obstacle getting over and though anyway possible. For an extra challenge try this game with 5-10 people in a close quarters area. 

Rofl (Roll on the floor laughing)

This fun game can be played with 3-6 players. This simple game has one player stand in the middle while other players surround them. The surrounding players push the center player around the circle towards other players. The center player (the one being pushed) can not jump or take a step. Instead the center player must roll and stand up when they are pushed around. 

We are always having a blast here at Scottsdale Parkour & Freerunning. With everything from Nerf Wars, Competitions, classes and clinic, we are leading the parkour community in Arizona. 

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