Phoenix Comicon Got shellshocked With Scottsdale Parkour & Freerunning

This year at Phoenix Comicon 2015, Scottsdale Parkour & Freerunning brought the turtle power with an explosive introduction into the world of parkour and freerunning. Spectators were shown first hand how much fun it can be to jump around and use our bodies to their fullest. After an action packed exposition, showing off the tallents of Scottsdale Parkour Freerunning, spectators became part of the action as they learned how to jump, vault, and climb through a specialized obstacle course. Parkour is a obstacle based discipline with the main purpose of getting you through as fast and as efficient as possible. Along with giving practitioners almost supper human abilities, parkour also builds strength, speed, balance, and a stronger mental state. parkour teaches how to overcome obstacles regardless of if they are physical or mental. It is an all of body workout that will bring benefits to anyone with an open mind. 

Scottsdale Parkour Freerunning at comicon

Here is a video capturing the action as it happened shot by Korey Smith of 

If you missed us this time done worry. We will be back at Phoenix Fan Fest giving you even more Parkour and Freerunning for all ages. 

For more information about Parkour and Free running at spf check out our about us page.  We offer open gyms and classes throughout the week for any age  or skill level. Don't wait to become a faster and stronger you. 

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Working at Arizona's first parkour specific gym teaching the next generation of traceurs to keep pushing the limits. I have a background in not only parkour and freerunning, but also engineering, video production, and automotive.

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