Beginner level combos part 1 playing parkour with common park obstacles at North Mountain Park

With the rise in popularity of parkour and Freerunning, there are many new comers to the scene who just not sure where to start. At Scottsdale Parkour & Freerunning, we understand that not everyone will have access to a gym as robust and flexible as ours, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get into parkour using simple objects to play with. By parkour’s definition you will need an obstacle but it doesn’t really matter how big or small. We are here to show just a couple basic combos to try at a local park or where ever you see fit.

For all four of these examples we start off with a simple movement combination, consisting of three main components, and put them all together to create a basic run. These are all fairly beginner level movements that can be practiced almost anywhere. Note that before attempting any movement it’s never a bad idea to do a quick warm up to get the blood flowing and prevent injury.

Seth jung macoco combo teaching parkour beginners
Combo 1 From Seth Jung

For the first combo we start out with a Coffe Grinder over a waist high ledge. Try to keep a strait leg if possible as it’s a good habit to develop. Next we come back up with a turn mouont/palm spin. From this position we reach back with the leading arm and push off the edge to perform a macoco (also known as monkey flip).

Kristoffer smith vaulting parkour beginners guid tutorialThe next combo can also be done on a flat surface for those not confident in their vaults just yet. Starting with a side crawl, reach far and push the hips into the air when pulling in the direction you want to go. From here we do a reverse step vault. Your leading arm will be placed on the front side corner, as you step back with the opposite foot to boost you up to the next hight. Continuing the spin direction from the reverse step vault to turn around and set up for a Kong vault to reach the last hight.

seth parkour freerunning skills arizona parkourNext up we have a nice table flow combo that can be done on pretty much an stable table type surface. Starting with any kind of mount at one end of the table, swiftly go into a shoulder roll to get to the other side. This can be difficult if the table is either way too short (like a foot long table?) or if it’s too long (a table that is much longer then your body)? After rolling off the table and turning around you will first lift you inside/leading leg over and around the table, and then once again with the outside or trailing leg.

kristoffer parkour arizona tutorial coachThe final Combo we have in this quick tutorial should only be done at low surfaces to start off with. This will combo will have the highest drop/impact and as such we recommend starting this one over a softer surface than concrete. Using a step mount to move onto the edge and a light dash dismount to get to the ground, shoulder roll as the feet hit the ground. depending on the closest object you could either vault, jump, or mount to add more complexity to a run.

More Videos to Come

Follow us on youtube for more videos, tutorials, and showreels about parkour and freerunning with all your favorite Scottsdale Parkour Freerunning coaches. If you found this quick combo tutorial helpful please share it with your friends, and if you in the community have any cool combo lines put them in the comment section below

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