Presentation Week full of parkour and freerunning students at SPF

December Presentation

It's that time of year again where we celebrate our student's accomplishments in class. Presentation week is here and there are just a couple things you and your students should have. Plan to show up a couple minutes early to get settled in and bring you, athletes, positive attitude 😀 We will see everyone in the coming week and don't forget about our Drop N Shop event at Scottsdale Gymnastics on Saturday, December 22rd from 9am-3pm  ONLY $10 AN HOUR Ages (5-12)


  • Presentations are an opportunity for students to show their skills
  •  Classes continue year round
  • Plan to attend 45 minutes with your athlete

Here are some pictures from one of our last presentation weeks just, Enjoy and happy holidays 🙂

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Working at Arizona's first parkour specific gym teaching the next generation of traceurs to keep pushing the limits. I have a background in not only parkour and freerunning, but also engineering, video production, and automotive.

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