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Get to know the judges of the April 2016 SPF Challenge 

We at Scottsdale Parkour and Freerunning have hand picked our judges for the upcoming April 2015 SPF Challenge. These are individuals who have an extensive backgrounds in movement and take great pride in what they do. The freestyle rounds will be judged based on three judging criteria including Flow, Difficulty, and Execution. Each Judge will be responsible for a single aspect of the judging criteria with total scores being an accumulation of all three judges scores. 

Luke Albrecht Judge of Flow

Luke Albrecht comign to scottsdale parkour and freerunning

My name is Luke Albrecht, I've been doing parkour for about 11 years now, teaching for about seven of those years. No one is surprised when they find out that I'm Russian, but truth be told I was an orphan and was adopted when I was a little boy. I cannot express how blessed I am. My life here, all of the amazing things I've done and experienced, and all the amazing friends I have would not exist otherwise. I did gymnastics for a lot of my childhood, but when I hit high school it was too much of a commitment and I had to stop. Blame it on needing to get a job! Thankfully I had been dabbling with parkour and free running already, so thus began the long and serious journey of un-learning and relearning how to move my body around. Parkour was very different from gymnastics, as it required an entirely different set of skills and ability, but that's what I loved about it and it completely captured me. I came to love the freedom of parkour and freerunning and the fact that you could do it anytime, anywhere (well, almost anywhere…) After years of training, the depths of parkour and its philosophies sunk in as well and I began to realize the potential parkour had to change lives and help people. With that, parkour became my passion and lifestyle rather than my sport. At the same time that I wasLuke Albrecht comign to scottsdale parkour and freerunning on a rock growing in parkour I was growing in my relationship with Jesus which led me to undertake a bunch of missionary schooling. My great dream is to go out into the world and move with others, to use my lifestyle and passion as a platform to invest in them and inspire them. Parkour brings people together, it connects us on a very deep level: the primal levels of fear and success. As humans, working hard to achieve something we desire is at the root of our being. I believe that is why parkour is so satisfying. I currently live in the Denver area, I moved out here from Chicago with my girlfriend once she finished getting her masters in Oriental Medicine. We love the mountains and we love the community here. I was quickly hired as Parkour instructor at a gym called Path Movement. Their slogan is "Be Unstoppable" and I couldn't agree more

Luke Albrecht

Marcus Paul Wilson Judge of Difficulty

marcus paul wison jumping a gapI’m Marcus Wilson, I was born in Cyprus, 19 year’s of age and I live in Beccles, United Kingdom!

Always been an active person, participating in different sports. Football, Kuk-Sool-One and Swimming until I was 14 where I then started training and decided I had a big interest in Parkour ever since my passion has grown for it.

I’m free to move in my own way, which makes Parkour unique to other sports as you are free to your move how you like! It has gave me many great opportunities, one of which being PROFILE-BB-copy-2travelling to different places to train and meet up with other people who share the same interest and can push each other to progress. 

I Also like exploring, taking photo’s and making video’s which I enjoy to do other than Parkour.


Marcus Paul Wilson

Anthony Spoon Judge of Execution

11102807_10152975388878822_8860468894663373448_nMy name is Anthony Spoon and I've been practicing parkour for over 10 years now.  Parkour has brought me many amazing opportunities over the years including TV shows, commercials, music videos, countless live performances, and even an article in a magazine. Most notably I was on ABC'S "The List", competed on American Ninja Warrior, and was able to shoot an Adobe commercial.  Parkour has taught me so much over the last decade and has truly been a gift in my life.  I am at a point in my career where the most important thing to me IMG_7003-2is to pass on the knowledge parkour has given me to the next generation and help build our dicipline. I've been apart of building 2 parkour program in Arizona. The first out of Dekeuster's Gymnastics where I was a tumbling coach for 7 years and the second being KTR Parkour in Mesa where I am still a Level 3 WFPF Certified Parkour Instructor. 

Anthony Spoon

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