SPF Parkour Academy in Mesa is NOW OPEN!

The Next level of Instructional Parkour Training in Arizona For more information Call 480-248-9987

We are proud to announce SPF Parkour Academy Mesa/Gilbert
This brand new facility takes our decades of parkour knowledge and training to the next level with next-gen equipment and a training facility that will evolve right alongside the students.
We are setting the standard for parkour training and instruction in the valley with top-tier coaches to teach parkour effectively and safely to anyone.
Our goal is to unlock our students full potential while providing fun and progressively more challenging training sessions to match skill level.
Find us at 1830 E Baseline Rd Suite 108
Mesa, AZ 85204
United States
Check out our facebook and Instagram to see updates and posts of the gym being built up over the coming weeks.
For employment opportunities and more info on the gym, please contact Tania:

The Facility SPF Parkour Academy Mesa/Gilbert

The new Mesa/Gilbert location has a little bit of everything with its modular setups. Whether you're looking to be the next parkour master or you’re ready to be the next ninja warrior, SPF Parkour Academy awaits you with more challenges then you can imagine.
Because all of our courses are made of modules and various components every week will bring a new environment to learn skills and progressions. Some weeks may cover more climbing and decent over taller structures while others will have a course built at ground level focusing on speed and agility. With endless setup options along with a sport that is ever expansive, the possibilities for incredible movements are around every corner.
Along with the warped wall, there are a number of other ninja warrior specific obstacles including warp wall, adjustable steps, a massive 20ft ninja climbing structure, along with a variety of bars to work on swings over gaps.
For the little guys, we have taken everything awesome about parkour and made it little and fun for our youngest ninjas in the gym. Lil Ninjas is similar to our level 1 parkour curriculum, however, we may sometimes supplement some of the harder equipment with softer more forgiving boxes for kids to start on.

More Than Just A Parkour Gym

We will be offering not only parkour specific classes but also a trampoline and girls gymnastics program running parallel to the parkour program. Our ultra bouncy trampolines are paired with a massive 20'x20' airbag system allowing for more confidence when learning new skills. The surrounding edges of our trampoline area are also fully usable structures to leap and bound from giving even more variety and options for our students.
In all of this, we have still found space to incorporate a 42' x 28' spring floor for the trickers and tumblers out there looking to get a little more spring in their step.
While this new facility is coming together to be the next level of parkour instruction, it would mean nothing without our dedicated staff and students who have put in the work to make a facility like this even possible. SPF Parkour Academy is here and we are welcoming everyone to come out and experience the gym for themselves early 2019.
find our new location at
1830 E Baseline Rd
Mesa, AZ 85204
United States