Training Etiquette 

The parkour and freerunning community has taken off to become what many veteran traceurs could have only dreamed of. We are expanding to new places and gathering new people on the way, however we must take care not to set us back by being carless with our actions. To keep parkour out on the streets and not limit its development to a gym, we must coexist with the rest of the population. These are just a few ways that we can help keep parkour and freerunning free for all.

Where to Train

parkour freerunning battery spencer san fransico where to train
Battery Spencer in Sausalito California

When selecting a training location, there are a variety of factors that will not only keep you safe, but help grow parkour as a respectable community that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Is This a Safe Location?

One of the biggest concerns surrounding parkour is safety. Just as with any higher intensity activities, parkour requires a great deal of discipline to be done in a safe manor. Not only does a practitioner need to spend time understanding the movements of their own body, but also the movements of their surroundings. It is always a good idea to check any obstacles for structural rigidity along with testing surface grip. Spots that are in unmaintained areas can be covered in fine layers of dust. The structures found in areas such as these may also be old and weak. Depending on the location and training style different shoes may play a big factor in trading safely. Here is a guid that can help you find just the right parkour and freerunning shoes for you. Best Shoes for You

Will Training in This Spot Leave a Wake of Destruction?

As an outsider looking in, the first impression is a bunch crazy hooligans jumping on and breaking property. Hopefully when you are out representing the parkour community you are not actually being a destructive hooligan, however there are a couple steps to give parkour a better outlook. First off, if you aren’t sure if an object will bare your weight then you may want to find something else to jump on. Remember that you are a guest when training outside. To further help the public view of parkour and freerunning in you area, try cleaning up once in a while. Not only should you pick up your own trash, but you should be more than happy to clean up any trash that has disgraced your awesome training grounds.

Behavior While Out and About

parkour freerunning san francisco training behavior play athletes
China Town in San Francisco

Parkour is a discipline of overcoming obstacles, mental and physical, to reach a preferred goal. We all want the best for each other in the community and to further aid one another, we need to be respectful of each practitioner’s wishes. Everyone can use a little encouragement sometimes, however pressuring someone to do something that they may not be ready for can have devastating affects.

Am I Disturbing Others Around Me?

When encouraging a fellow athlete, it would be wise to do so either before or after they have completed their goals. Sporadic behavior such as shouting can be extremely distracting, especially at moments where concentration is vital.

How to Represent the Parkour Community

The parkour and freerunning community is growing, and we are in a position now to show the rest of the world how far we have come. For the community to continue on this path, we need to show the general public that we are serious about what we do, and that we are not a nuisance to society.

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