SPF JAMS    Non-Members  Welcome

What is a Jam?

An event where parkour practitioners (traceurs) gather together to 'jam' or do parkour.

Every family member can join in on the fun at our Family Jam Time!


Every Saturday From 1:00-7:00pm 

Every Monday-Friday (12:00-3:30pm)

SPF Afternoon Jam Time is the perfect opportunity for anyone to work on skills or just have fun. Our equipment is open to both members and nonmembers.

Give yourself a break from the craziness and go have some fun, our top of line Child Wranglers have got it from here. 

Every Friday (6:00-9:00pm)

Thursdays offer a relaxed and supportive environment where you can just focus on you! Join our community every Thursday (7:00-9:00pm)

Monthly Jams Pass

Enrolled Students:

Single student $50 - Family up to 4 $100

Not Enrolled: 

Single person $150 +$50 each additional person

(special events not included)